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Hello Friends!!!

I'm Sona – author and cook behind Spill the Spices and welcome to my space where you can find recipes for day to day cooking to exotic recipes. 

I was never earnest about cooking but loved food cooked by my mom. The only cooking involved in my school and college days was chopping veggies. Things changed after marriage and this is when I started cooking and realized my passion for it. In my initial days of cooking, Internet was my helpline. That's when I was introduced to the world of blogs. Recipes from blogs always turned out to be sure winner.

This blog is a collection of recipes, all tried and tested in my kitchen. You can find recipes that are cooked often at home and some out of the ordinary recipes. Most of the recipes are my experiments, some passed down by my mom, mother-in-law and relatives and a few from cookbooks, television cookery shows and blogs - with due credits. As I cook the same recipes several times, I often think of enhancing the taste and update my recipes. So do keep revisiting to catch up with the updates.

I love to hear your feedback as they boost up my confidence. So keep visiting my space and drop in your valuable comments and suggestions. Please do not spam by posting ads and other links not related to the blog.

Stay connected on and Facebook. If you have any queries or suggestions, please email me at Enjoy your time browsing through my space!

~ Sona


  1. Wonderful knowing about u Sona......keep rocking!!!!!

  2. Good to know about sona... :)

  3. Great recipes u have.Nice collection. keep it up

  4. Nice to know abt u dear..all d best...keep rocking :)


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